If you are a new student at the Cris2na Heeren Foundation, please help us place you in the course that best meets your needs and objectives.

And don’t be afraid of the level tests. We just need to get to know you!

Keep in mind that the level tests are only indicative and are to facilitate your placement in the level that is most suited to your knowledge and skills.

Please send us a short VIDEO that shows your degree of immersion in flamenco, following the instructions for each speciality indicated below.

The Cristina Heeren Foundation study plan is organised into basic level (1st), intermediate (2nd) and advanced (3rd).

The Cristina Heeren Foundation school’s teachers will determine students’ levels through two indicative tests: the online test and in person (onsite) test, for both the Annual Course as well as the Intensive Summer Course.

Instructions for sending:

It is obligatory for students who are enrolled in the annual course to send a video (*) in MP4 format via WhatsApp +34 637 670 450, the internet platform Wetransfer or to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ANNUAL COURSE. Before 31 July


(*) Please, do not freely send any video! Carefully follow the indicated instructions below:

Students wishing to enroll for the Guitar Annual Courses in the Fundación Cristina Heeren must perform the following exercises:
• Free choice of 5 technical exercises of:
◦ Arpeggio.
◦ Strumming ("Rasgueado").
◦ Tremolo.
◦ Picking ("Alzapúa").
◦ Staccato ("Picado"). 

• 4 rhythm Demos ("compás"): (timing: 1 minute each one)
◦ Alegría
◦ Seguiriya
◦ Soleá
◦ Bulería

Note: Students wishing to enroll in the First year Guitar Course are not required to perform all exercises and demos, but only those which they can play.

Students wishing to enroll in the First, Second or Third Annual Dance Course must perform the following exercises:
• A choreographic piece of any "palo" (Flamenco style)(minimum 5 min.- maximum 7 min.).
• Accompaniment for dancing: the student can use live recordings of guitar and singing. The choreographic piece must include:
◦ Foot-work: "Zapateados"
◦ Turns.
◦ Body expression: arm movement and posture.

Students wishing to enroll in the Third Annual Dance Course must also send an additional video containing:
• 2 variations with a shawl.
• 2 songs of castanets (one of them must include "Carretilla": repetitive and fast playing).
• Dance one verse of "alegrías" with a long-tailed dress ("bata de cola").

Students wishing to enroll in the First Annual Singing Course must perform the following exercises:
• Sing two verses of cantiñas with "coletilla" (the ending).
• Choices: Two verses of tangos or two verses of "fandangos a compás" (with rhythm). Students wishing to enroll in the Second or Third Annual Singing Course must perform the following exercises:
• Two verses of "soleás" and two verses of "bulerías".
• Any type of "fandango", choosing between: "malagueña", "granaína", "taranta" or "fandango personal".

(*) PLEASE, DO NOT SEND ANY VIDEO! STUDENTS ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS MENTIONED ABOVE. ON SITE PLACEMENT TESTS On site placement tests are carried out in the School during the first week of the annual course and they include all the subjects of the academic programme. The teachers grading these tests will determine the definite placement of the students in their appropriate level in every subject of the program.