Bata de cola with Luisa Palicio, singing with Juan José Amador and La Tobala, and classical ballet with Gianfranco Brogna are some of the short courses to be offered in the afternoons in the new Triana site from 2017

The opening of the Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco’s new site in the Sevillian neighbourhood of Triana represents the expansion of its courses and the opening of the school to a diverse student profile: from those who are experiencing flamenco for the first time, to those who are looking to specialize as a professional goal. In January 2017 the school launches a wide program of Dance, Guitar and Singing Flamenco Workshops, taught by prestigious teachers such as Luisa Palicio, Paco Cortés, Juan José Amador, La Tobala and Gianfranco Brogna amongst others. In total, in the school’s new classrooms - in a 1,500 square metre building situated at number 76 Pureza Street - a total of eleven workshops will be run in the afternoons. In addition, the school is offering the workshop “Inclusive Flamenco” for people with disabilities, with dancer and teacher José Galán. Enrolment for the new workshops is now open. More information at, by telephone +34 954 217 058 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the Flamenco Dance specialization, the workshops will begin with “Bata de Cola Technique” with teacher Luisa Palicio -winner of the Premio Revelación Festival Jerez 2015-, “Flamenco Dance Initiation” with Beatriz Cruz de Alba, “Bulerias Dance” with Yasaray Rodriguez and, as a complement, “Classical Ballet for Flamenco” with the dancer Gianfranco Brogna.

The Flamenco Singing training includes “Flamenco Singing” and “Singing for Flamenco Dancing” workshops with maestro Juan José Amador, the prestigious artist who regularly joins companies such as those of Manuela Carrasco and Eva Yerbabuena; “Singing Jaleos, Alboreás and Romances” with La Tobala, the singer from Extremadura known for albums such as “Azul” and “Lenguaje puro”; and “Flamenco Singing Initiation” with the teacher Lidia Montero, who will pitch the training at beginners.

The Flamenco Guitar area, will continue with the successful workshop “Flamenco Guitar Accompaniment”, which has been offered for many years by the maestro Paco Cortés from Granada, who throughout his career has collaborated with artists such as Enrique Morente, Camarón and Carmen Linares; and for the first time “Flamenco Guitar Initiation” for those who are taking their first steps with guitar, under the direction of the young guitarist from Almeria, Gabriel Pérez.

In parallel, the school continues to enrich the Annual Flamenco Course academic program in Singing, Dance and Guitar which, under the direction of Pepa Sánchez, is being undertaken by some 100 students of diverse nationalities. Additionally, the school is offering an innovative workshop “Inclusive Flamenco” aimed at people with disabilities, to be run by dancer and teacher José Galán, who has vast experience and research in this specialization. The Fundación is also designing a parallel program of activities with master classes, presentations and projects that will make the new building a forum of flamenco study, knowledge and exchange.

Existing students enrolled in the school’s Annual Flamenco Course will benefit from a 25% discount on the workshops.

Enrolments for the new workshops are now open online at, and at the school’s reception. Further information on telephone +34 954 217 058 and on email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


“Bata de Cola Technique” with Luisa Palicio

“Flamenco Dance Initiation” with Beatriz Cruz de Alba

“Bulerias Dance” with Yasaray Rodriguez

“Classical Ballet for Flamenco” with Gianfranco Brogna


“Flamenco Singing” and “Singing for Flamenco Dancing” with Juan José Amador

“Singing Jaleos, Alboreás and Romances” with La Tobala

“Flamenco Singing Initiation” with Lidia Montero


Flamenco Guitar Workshops

“Flamenco Guitar Accompaniment” with Paco Cortés

“Flamenco Guitar Initiation” with Gabriel Pérez


A workshop for people with disabilities. José Galán Method